30th Sep2013
IMLT sign 2

The Heartbreak at Ironman Lake Tahoe.

Warm, angry tears streamed down my chill burned face and onto my mother’s jacket. “I wanted this so bad. I was so ready”, I said.  She teared...

11th Sep2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Logistics

Well, it’s just about time for the big day.  In order to keep from stressing myself out I have created a schedule and checklists.  This may help...

14th Aug2013
The Ironman at work.

Making Peace With Your Passions

From an early age I’ve always had my passions.  In Elementary school I was enamored with make believe.  I’d play with action figures til the wee hours...

13th Jul2013

Enjoy your body!

I’ve had the hardest training week of my season so far.  Back to back marathon sessions have left me fatigued and cloudy.  But, I woke up from...

03rd Jul2013

The Tipsy Triathlete Shares, “The Secret To Life”!

Want to know the secret?

30th Jun2013

The Tipsy Triathlete Welcomes You!

More Good Stuff to Come! Love, Martin Soole The Tipsy Triathlete

08th Jun2013
Cinnamon rolls

Putting Sand In Your Gas Tank…

I like to party and I like to eat.  Put me around the right people and I will rock and roll all night and party every day....

04th Jun2013
Trisports bike pic

Wanna know how I got into triathlon and what keeps me going?

Hey, it’s me!  Wanna know how I got into triathlon and what keeps me going?  I made a video for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqw5Y8fCWe8&feature=youtu.be

04th Mar2013

The BONK Heard ‘Round The World!

Last weekend I ran a Half Marathon in Ventura, CA…for the most part.   Before this my training plan had me running fast but not far and...

18th Feb2013
polar bear swim

WHY Do You Do That!?!?!?!

I was recently asked in a group setting to say something interesting about myself.  To which I haphazardly replied, “I’m a sponsored triathlete training for the Ironman...

29th Jan2013

Sunday FunDay!

I relish a good challenge, I enjoy pain for a purpose, and will be the last to leave a training session if I still have more energy...

21st Jan2013

Your Greatest Vision…

The angry Hawaiian sun has been mercilessly beating down on my shoulders for 9 hours now.  I said goodbye to my family this morning at the Kona pier...